Kosher Meat Restaurants Near me Aventura

Kosher Meat Restaurants Near me Aventura

 kosher meat restaurants near me Aventura kosher meat restaurants near me Aventura

kosher meat restaurants near me Aventura

Did you know that there’s such a thing as “kosher meat”?

Based on recent population studies by the American Meat Institute, six million Americans consume kosher products and about a fourth of those consumers are Jewish. Although kosher meat brands account for only a small percentage of frank sales, it is the fastest-growing group.

Despite the lagging economy, sales for both kosher and non-kosher dog brands were particularly strong last year. But the rate of sales of kosher wieners has more than doubled as compared to the other dog categories!

So what makes kosher meat restaurants near me Aventura ingredients so special?

If you’re familiar with the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, there’s a passage there that specifically instructs the faithful to consume meat that only comes from animals with cloven hooves and that chew their cuds. This means domesticated cattle, sheep, and goats. Farm-raised poultry is also acceptable.

You see kosher foods, are prepared in a manner that strictly follows biblical traditions. Did you know that this practice has been going on for more than three thousand years? This is to ensure that only foods that are deemed “fit and proper” are served on the dinner table.
So how are meats and poultry certified as “kosher”?

First, all meat and poultry are subjected to thorough inspection by the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Then the meat and poultry are processed according to the rules set by one of several kosher supervising agencies. USDA inspectors and a representative of the one of the kosher supervising agencies oversee the processing in kosher packing plants.

So what makes a kosher meat restaurants different from a non-kosher meat?

So as you enjoy the mouth-watering kosher meat restaurants near me Aventura, allow me to bid you a greeting that bears with it the hope that the food you’re about to eat becomes a source of an experience that leaves you both satisfied and grateful:

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