Most Restaurants Goes Kosher

Most Restaurants Goes Kosher

Most Restaurants Goes Kosher

 Most Restaurants Goes Kosher Most Restaurants Goes Kosher

Most Restaurants Goes Kosher, Kosher in general – is a set of Jewish dietary laws that forbid some foods and allows most.

Some organizations issue Kosher certificates worldwide – and make sure the food is made from only Kosher ingredients.

When issuing Kosher certificates In Israel – there is one more parameter that is considered, and that relates to the work that is performed on a Saturday. Since the workforce in Israel is mostly Jewish – a kosher supervisor has to make sure the factory or restaurant examined does not “do business” on Saturday.

Therefore, restaurants kosher adventure restaurants who want to issue a kosher certificate have to give up a day of the week and stay closed on Saturday. Since Saturday is a strong day for restaurants, the strongest day of the week, this is a very difficult decision for restaurant owners.

Why do more Miami restaurants become kosher?

There are some reasons that all come down to a bottom line: it pays off for restaurant owners. Here’s a brief list of all the important reasons I’ve come across in recent years while working with some of Miami’s best adventure kosher restaurants:

1. The regular audience

There have always been religious people in Israel who only eat kosher food, but in recent years there has been a change in the socio-economic situation of many religious people, and today there is a large and growing part of the religious population that can and wants to eat outside.

2. Resting on Saturdays is good

The restaurant is a grueling line of business, especially in Miami – the city that never sleeps. Most kosher adventure restaurants are open 16 hours a day, and work never ends.

A restaurant owner who wants his place to work well has to be there, and no one can work that many hours, not even if you have a partner.

Therefore, many restaurant owners find a forced break on Saturdays as a great relief, one that if you can afford it, change your lifestyle for the better.

3. Jewish Tourism

Due to security reasons and more, in recent years there are more Jewish tourists in Israel, who prefer kosher food. Those tourists may or may not eat only Kosher food where they live, but prefer Kosher food while visiting Israel.

The reason for this is that your visit to Israel is usually done for a spiritual reason or a religious event, and they try to make the whole visit more “Kosher,” or Jewish.

4. A matter of courtesy
Israelis like to eat out with friends, and when trying to find a place to eat for a lot of friends – a Kosher place makes the task much easier. No one wants to have just a few of their friends to eat. To get more of this just visit

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