Steakhouse kosher restaurant Miami

 Steakhouse Kosher Restaurant Miami Steakhouse Kosher Restaurant Miami

Steakhouse kosher restaurant Miami is a different spot that fuses existing dining in a non conventional kosher restaurant position. It extends the line to make a one synergy, taking kosher excellent dining to a great level. From inside to cuisine you can see certain most prestigious meat cuts found on the market. Steakhouse Kosher Restaurant Miami is one of the coolest and newest restaurant, it is also a rare get in a hot area but well made on food and prices. It is the best smokehouse and BBQ serving tasty burgers, steaks and lot of flame grilled items. It is a no nonsense dream location for meat connoisseur.

Food experience for all:

If you really like BBQ, you will surely love this restaurant. They are above simply a steakhouse. From BBQ steam to cured, house aged and smoked meat choices, from excellent old burgers stacked by having a crispy six hour smoked pastrami to certain Latin delicious pulled beefs. This steak house provide a food feeling for everyone. They dare you not to avail the moist towelettes with the wings. Their services lives up to the food, but do not simply take the word for it., come feel it for yourself.The steakhouse kosher restaurant Miami is very busy, hence it is good for you to reserve online or make a phone call to them. You can different types of tasty and delicious items.

Different items:

You can order flaken short rib, meat chilii, grilled sweetbreads and burger slides. The various food items which are available in the Miami restaurant are chicken wings, pulled briskret empanadas. Chicken poppers, pastrami egg rolls, sausage plate, garlic bread, avocado egg rolls. The small plates dinner which is available are pulled beef tacos trio, tuna tartar, seared tuna tacos, beef tartar, marinated olives, shishito peppers.. The flat breads are BBQ pulled beef topped with fresh scallions and picked onions. Pulled beef combined with red peppers, caramelized onions with the house sauces. Fuego ground meat garnished with crispy pastrami sunny side egg arugula, caramelized onions and combination of house sauces. Seared tuna is available with pico de gallo,mango salsa, cilantro aioli, and scallions.

For kids:

Crispy pastrami is topped with roasted onions, corn, cherry tomatoes with the smokey chipotle and cilantro toppings.The different salads available are grilled salmon, fuego salad, seared tuna salad, cesar salad, fuego latino salad, cesar salad, salmon, tuna or meat.You can get several types of hamburgers like godzilla burger, fuego burger, bolt burger and BBQ pulled brisket burger. You can get BBQ pulled brisket sandwich, rib eye sandwich, cilantro garlic chicken sandwich, rub roast beef sandwich, chipotle rub chicken breast sandwich and merguez sandwich.If you are bringing your children to the restaurant, your kids also get chicken fingers, hot dog and kids burger.

Early booking:

Enjoy your food time with the Miami kosher Restaurant. Do your reservations online. It need just a minute Catering and events are options for Steakhouse Kosher Restaurant Miami to work closely with the guests, events for them to share their commitment to celebrate in thrilling new methods. Make a phone call or book a reservation through online.

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